This time last year we were all basking in sunshine with April and May 2020 being the sunniest on record for the UK. What a difference a year makes! My garden is enjoying all this rain, but it does feel as if  May 2021 could end up being the wettest on record. And to add insult to injury last month had the lowest minimum temperatures for April in the UK since 1922.

But looking on the brighter side, without rain we would not have rainbows, which never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I am lucky enough to see one. It was in 1672 that Isaac Newton first described the seven colours of the rainbow that we recognise today. Whether we remember the colours with mnemonics like “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”, “Read Out Your Good Book In Verse” or the slightly left field “Rinse Out Your Granny’s Boots In Vinegar”, they are colours that have become remarkably familiar to us all over the last year.

Rainbows have come to symbolise peace, serenity, inclusiveness, cohesion and the beauty of diversity. Consequently, they have been the symbol of Gay Pride and the LGBT social movement since the 1970’s. And in 1994 Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Nelson Mandela described the newly democratic, post-apartheid South Africa as “the rainbow state”.
During the pandemic, the rainbow has also come to symbolise support for and solidarity with NHS workers, and rainbow posters began to appear in windows all around the country.

Crystals hung in a window or anywhere that catches the sun can also produce beautiful shimmering rainbows, lighting up a room. The company Wild Things Gifts produce beautiful crystal hangings that are almost exclusively designed and hand crafted in Exeter, Devon by a team of predominantly home workers.

The fabulous angels, birds, butterflies and dragonflies hang from almost invisible threads and gently spin, which creates a beautiful play of rainbow colours around the whole room.
Whether you are looking for a lovely gift, a simple thank you or a little self- indulgence you cannot go wrong with these.

I have heard rumours that there is a sub-tropical heatwave heading our way with temperatures expected to reach 270C by mid-May and the low 30’s as we go into June.

I cannot wait!

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